Showbox for iPhone & other iOS devices

Showbox for iPhone and iOS devices was once freely available in App Store. Still, due to some restrictions and issues, it got removed from Apple’s official App Store.

As for now, unfortunately, it’s too complicated to get the original Showbox iOS app installed and running on iPhone or iPad. But there is a new app for iOS devices: Showbox Online version for Apple’s iOS, and it’s called MovieBox .

MovieBox for iPhone

To get MovieBox on iPhone, iPad, or iPod, you have two options: Jailbreak your iPhone and install it via Cydia market fast and easily or

Suppose you don’t want to Jailbreak your iOS device. In that case, there is another way, and you can download TutuApp market, which doesn’t require Jailbreak and can be installed even easier than Cydia. After getting TutuApp on your iPhone, you can easily find and install MovieBox APK on your iPhone.